Currently located in Southern California, I am a freelance photographer specializing in wedding and portrait.

It has always been joyful and rewarding to be a part of the weddings. Greatly inspired by street and documentary photography, I combine fine art and photojournalism to produce the most touching images. Instead of giving the intrusive, staged direction, I’d like to work in the background as an observer capturing every emotional moment with the beautiful lighting. All these moments with smiles, tears, hugs, and kisses freezed by my lenses will be the greatest treasure to the couples all their lives. As a female photographer, my work also deeply reflects romantic, dreamy and chic tastes.

I started my photography journey as a serious enthusiast 19 years ago.  After graduated from USC in 2005, with four years working experience at one of top 10 design firms in US,  I launched my photo studio in 2009. With years of wedding experience, I provide professional photo service to each client.

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