My clients brought a three-month old kitten Luis to the photo session two weeks ago. At the first glance, I just felt he looked so similar to my son: round face like a Chinese bun, flat nose, big and round eyes always looking around curiously. But he couldn’t stay too long and started to yawn pretty soon, just like my newborn exactly. So I realized it was a good idea to adopt a kitten like Luis who will recall the memory how I cuddle with my little one when I got old.

前几周的一对客人带了一只三个月大的小猫猫来拍照。只第一眼,我就觉得他看起来好像我儿子:圆圆的脸像个包子,扁扁的鼻子,又大又圆的眼睛总是好奇地东看西看。但是他坚持不了多久就开始烦困了, 只好放回车里去。那天我忽然发现,也许等我老了,孩子大了展翅高飞了,领养一只这样的小猫猫,怀念一下小婴儿依偎在我怀里的感觉,也不失为一个很好的主意。





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