Nolan’s First Halloween

Last Saturday was Nolan's first Halloween. I purchased this costume in T.J.Maxx and dressed him as a little chicken.

The photo of pumpkin patch had been shot when I bought pumpkins for the holidays two years ago. It was sunset time and the ranch was about to close. Hundreds of pumpkins laid on the ground and soaked up the last sunshine. The smoke rose up into the air at far back. I just pulled out my camera and got this image.

Friday night, right after Nolan fell into sleep, I started my work. It wasn't too hard to combine these two. Instead, I did spent most of time to clean Nolan's image. The final result is here. What do you think?

Happy Halloween!

Little Chicken in Pumpkin Patch 2-s


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    tony shum November 4, 2015


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    tony shum November 4, 2015


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